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Background History

Government Technical Institute (Kantbalu) is Located the inside of No.(3677) Shwe Gyi field and No.(3680) Tin Win field at Quarter(2), Kantbalu Township. It is spacious, 2200 feet east-west and 2000 feet north-south, the surrounding area is 100 acres. Public service personnel house buildings are around 1500 feet and cover an area of 50 acres. Aye Mya Soe Foundation started to donate and build on 5.11.2008 and opened on 5.12.2011.

1. To increase access to technical and vocational subjects for all who want to learn.
2. To improve the quality of technical and vocational education and training and to perform the needs of the workplace.
3. To improve the management of technical, vocational education and training.
In accordance with the objectives of the Ministry of Science and Technology,
– To provide the social and economic development of the country
– To create vocational training in line with the needs of the region
– To train and produce skilled and qualified technical and vocational human resources.
1Dr. Htun Kyaw MyintPh.D (MC)Dec, 2011-May, 2018
2Dr. Aung Zaw HtunPh.D(Mech)May, 2018 -July, 2021
3Dr. Yin Yin WinPh.D(Engg: Maths)16.7.2021 - 8.8.2022
4U Thaw Zin MyoME (Mech)20-9-2022 - Today