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Information Technology Department

Welcome to the Information Technology Department. The Department is producing A.G.T.I (IT) Diploma Certificates. They are used in the advancing technology industry; ICT field; It aims to provide transportation to telecom companies and other private sectors. Therefore, students must study three major IT fields: Networking, Programming and Web Development Technologies.
To receive the A. G. T. I (IT) Diploma, you must complete three years of study and take two exams in the first semester (first semester exam and second semester exam). The teaching method of knowledge technology is 60% practical and 40% practical. At the end of each school year, first- and second-year students are required to complete one month of fieldwork, while third-year students are required to complete three months of on-site field trips.


  1. Myanmar
  2. English
  3. Engineering Mathematics
  4. Engineering Science
  5. Engineering Mechanics
  6. Engineering Drawing
  7. Analog and Digital Electronics
  8. Computer Technology
  1. English
  2. Engineering Mathematics
  3. Programming in C++
  4. Network Fundamentals
  5. Web Design
  1. English
  2. Programming with C#
  3. Data Communication and Computer Networking
  4. Web Development Technology

Teachers from IT Department

1Daw Wai Wai LwinAssociate Professor
Head of Department

Daw Thandar KyawLecturer
3U Tint HlaingTutor